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My new approach to build my frontend assets: node scripts

For years I was using gulp as a task runner to do all the routine things we used to do by hand over 10 years ago. First, somewhat around 2012 or 2013, I went with grunt, but as I felt it got abandoned, I switched to gulp. Meanwhile, some parts of this setup also seem to have been neglected. But I finally had the time and opportunity these days to tackle the problem and reduce dependencies.

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Automated Frontend Testing in a Real Life Scenario

When we continue or further develop a web project, we don't want an enhancement to trigger a domino effect and unwanted layout changes to happen somewhere else on the website. It is tedious to manually scan all possible (and impossible) pages of the website. So why not let a machine do the job?

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Was passiert mit der Website, wenn der Bildschirm richtig groß und richtig hoch aufgelöst ist? Dein Design-Team zuck mit den Achseln und der Kunde meckert über den schmalen Content-Streifen in der Whitespace Prärie?

Spar dir die Diskussion, blas' das Ding oberhalb von FullHD einfach auf – Mit superscale.css!

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